Japanese influenced burger bento pop-up, Hot Damn!

Chef Anatolyi Psarev has combined traditional Japanese Bento boxes with burgers to launch Hot Damn, a new burger pop-up in Malvern.

Bento burger restaurant

Meet AnatolyiAnatolyi burgers

Anatolyi is a talented chef who always dreamed of starting his own burger restaurant, working for himself and making the food he loves.

“I have a passion for good, wholesome, flavorsome food, a passion which I would like to share with the burger loving folks of Melbourne. I aim make real, down to earth, food which is fresh and packed with flavor, at great value.”

The Challenge

Anatolyi came up with the unique idea of serving burgers in a Bento and was ready tBento burgero launch his business. There was just one piece of the puzzle missing…

“I came up with the idea to serve burgers in a Bento style around the end of 2016, and after finding a suitable kitchen with Cookitoo, I thought it would be a great opportunity to implement the idea. As burgers have become a huge part of the food scene, I would like to add my contribution to the amazing food we have here in our great city of Melbourne.”

The SolutionBento burger

Anatolyi took advantage of the Cookitoo platform to rent a commercial kitchen at a local cafe. The cafe only served breakfast and lunch and was not operational in the evening. This formed the perfect synergy for sharing the kitchen, Cookitoo’s unique platform has now helped over 70 kitchen owners rent out the space during its downtime.

“I found a great commercial kitchen in Malvern that was closed in the evenings. I was able to use this kitchen to serve the Malvern locals with fresh burgers packed new flavors” Said Psarev, his hand-crafted menu features JFC (Japanese Fried Chicken), Classic Pulled beef and the Augustus Cheezar Caesar burger, also not to be missed is the Char-grilled Corn and Loaded Fries.

Keep up the good hustle Anatolyi!


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